Behavioral retargeting… behavioral remarketing… or even simply, retargeting (whatever you want to call it) is a form of online targeted advertising by which online ads follow consumers based on previously tracked Internet browsing. Sounds creepy, right? For example, if you’re seeing an advertisement within Facebook for that dining room set you checked out on last Tuesday, that’s a retargeted ad. In fact, my definition would be something along the lines of: retargeting — the stalker advertisements.

lf_blog_retargeting_921e87f390704All opinions aside (including mine) remarketing works. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to consider using a retargeting campaign for your brand:

1. Bring your brand to your targeted audience. It’s truly as good as it gets. By using behavioral retargeting, you’re only advertising to individuals who have visited your website. They are aware of your brand; heck they’ve already engaged with you — most of the battle is already won! Time to convert these people and stack that money.

2. You can be more focused with your retargeted ads. The best retargeters get granular with it and put the actual content the visitor viewed in front of them again. Meaning you don’t just get a generic Target ad, you get served the actual product you viewed, and often times at a discounted price. Try explaining that to someone who marketed in the previous century and enjoy the response.

3. It’s easy to test, change, improve your marketing on the fly. Many platforms will set up the retargeting campaign for you, but the ones that don’t provide easy step-by-step guides to do it yourself. Like any digital advertising activity, constant testing of creative, bids, placements and other factors will get you headed in the right direction.

4. It’s FREE(ish). Did I mention impressions are free? This is one of the most cost efficient ways to promote your brand on the Internet. You only get charged when someone clicks through to your website — and that means that it’s working! That’s so much better than fronting your money for a magazine ad that may or may not result in traffic for your site.

5. Ads will reach the 95 percent that counts. It’s widely believed that less than five percent of website visitors convert during their first visit. Back to that dining room example… it might take a day, week or month, but that person is probably going to buy a dining room set. A great retargeting campaign keeps your brand in front of the potential consumer throughout the buying process.

Alright, you didn’t think we’d end this without a little shameless self-promotion did you? At Lessing-Flynn, we like to think of ourselves as retargeting experts because — well, we’re just that awesome at it. So let’s get together and have a conversation about how we can incorporate retargeting ad tactics in your advertisement budget. Trust us, you won’t regret it!