It’s hotter than a fire cracker lit at both ends — it’s your digital download.


Who will come out the streaming champion and what does this battle look like for marketers? 

The over-the-top (OTT) landscape is changing quickly as the streaming industry goes through a drastic shift. Although Netflix has been the unrivaled streaming champion for many years, with the anticipated launches of Disney+, Apple TV+ and more, the new champion will be determined by their ability to best understand the three key things about OTT. MarketingTech emphasizes the need to focus on understanding how mobile is changing the way viewers watch television, broadcasters’ desire to reap the benefits of their content, and rich insights on consumers making OTT services a fertile ground for marketing.


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Facebook adds Instagram scheduling to Creator Studio

Instagram scheduling has never been easy for social managers, but Facebook’s new addition to Creator Studio may be the cure to the ongoing headache. This new option allows users to see exactly what their posts will look like, similar to posting on a Facebook page natively. Social managers will choose whether they want to post to their Instagram feed or IGTV, however scheduled story posts are not yet available. Although the new addition will certainly reduce frustrations of social managers, it is too early to know whether or not scheduled posts will impact post engagement.


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What makes a high-performing story (according to Instagram)

Instagram stories are on the rise, creating an opportunity for any brand looking to connect with a social audience. With over 500 million active daily users, brands are always looking to make their Instagram stories as engaging as possible. A recent Facebook webinar reported 58% of story viewers become more interested in a brand after seeing them featured in a story, and shared the key elements to consider before posting your next story. Though many elements may seem obvious such as quality creative, Facebook provides more key insights such as the impact of sound and the importance of a mixture of static and motion.


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AT&T rolls out a plan for Free Spotify Premium

As a direct response to Verizon’s new offer of free Apple music for its customers, AT&T rolled out a promotion of its own. Free Spotify Premium. That’s right, AT&T is offering free premium subscriptions to both new and existing customers. Customers with the unlimited and more plan will qualify for a full premium subscription, while other plans may qualify for six months of Spotify Premium. Better yet, if Spotify isn’t your thing, AT&T offers many other subscriptions to customers on an unlimited plan including HBO Go, Pandora, Showtime and more. With increased audience sizes to these streaming services, we’re left wondering if advertisement rates will fluctuate in the in-term.


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