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It’s time to have “the talk” with your kids

Lucky for you, this might be a little easier than that other talk. With the majority of kids using the internet at home and school, and that happening at an increasingly early age, parents are contending with talking to their kids about cybersecurity.

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Podcast ads get personal

Spotify has taken the leap into podcasts, and is trying to set themselves apart from other podcast networks. Starting this year, Spotify’s original shows will not feature one-size-fits-all ads that are embedded in the actual podcast file, but rather ads targeted to listeners programmatically based on Spotify’s slew of data.

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Twitter lets you limit conversation

You can expect the chatter to die down on Twitter later this year. They have announced they are testing new reply options that let tweet creators limit who can respond to individual tweets. The options will include global (meaning anyone with Twitter), group (only those you follow and mention), panel (only those you mention) and statement (no one). The move is expected to help runaway Twitter replies that can get filled with bots and threats, but could also stifle genuine conversation and limit virality of a tweet.

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SponCon gone wrong for Facebook

A glowing article about Facebook’s efforts to safeguard political speech appears on Teen Vogue, but didn’t last long. The article originally appeared without a designation as sponsored content, then added it, then removed it, and then removed the article entirely. Facebook maintains that it was editorial content, and Teen Vogue keeps waffling on the decision. As paid and editorial content continues to converge, this may not be the last time we see something like this pop up.

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The latest viral Instagram filter

Do you know which Disney character you are? If you’ve played with the viral Instagram Story filter, you know you’re a total Flounder or Ursula. These user-generated filters are all fun, but show some serious promise for brands to create their own to engage fans.

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