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AT&T is the first to block spam calls by default

An ever-increasing influx of robocalls has pushed both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and phone carriers to prioritize killing spam calls. AT&T recently announced that it will now offer free and automatic fraud blocking and spam warnings to customers in order to reduce the number of robocalls customers are receiving. This new service is expected to roll out over the next few months and will be enabled by default. AT&T is also working to make sure helpful robocalls such as appointment reminders will not be missed, while still permanently blocking harmful — and downright annoying — spam. Once executed, this will make AT&T the first carrier to offer default spam call blocking, unlike any of their competitors.

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Instagram says enough is enough

Instagram is putting its foot down on bullying. Cyberbullying has become a prominent issue among young, impressionable users of the app. According to a survey conducted in 2017, Instagram is regarded as “the worst social media network for mental health and well-being.” But help is on the way in the form Instagram’s new anti-bullying tools including the addition of a new, automated warning. This warning will prompt users to review their own potentially offensive comments before they are posted. In addition, users may also use “restricted mode” to lessen the impact of offensive users. Although there may be some flaws in the current plans, Instagram is definitely taking steps in the right direction in order to limit offensive material and promote an inclusive platform.

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Recent Pinterest updates encourage more video content

Not only has Pinterest recently gone public, but it also has incorporated features that make it easier to post videos and drive engagement. Since rolling out the changes, Pinterest says it has observed a lot of positive feedback including a 31% increase in searches for inspirational videos. Videos posted on Pinterest have also been proven to have a longer shelf life through resurfacing, allowing creators and brands to see more engagement. These statistics can be accredited to a new-and-improved video uploader, a video tab on business profiles, new analytics tools and the ability to schedule videos.

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Amazon may become your new internet provider

Amazon is getting ready to launch thousands of satellites into space in order to provide broadband internet service to the United States — is there anything Amazon can’t do? The goal of the 3,236 total satellites is to provide almost the entire United States (excluding Alaska) with broadband coverage. This would help to provide low-latency, high-speed connectivity to unserved and under-served communities around the country, serving tens of millions of people who lack basic internet access. These satellites may also be used by phone companies in order to provide better cell coverage in rural areas. Although there is no set timeline yet, once authorized, Amazon must launch at least half of the satellites within six years.

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