Our clients often come to us to help them plan and create memorable promotional items (or swag as we like to call it) for their business. These items are important for many reasons — they’re much more than just freebies at a trade show, each promo item is an opportunity.

An opportunity to make a new customer connection.

An opportunity to build brand recognition.

An opportunity to show your appreciation.

An opportunity to be seen.

So, without further ado we’ve gathered our top picks for branded swag in 2017:


YETI® products were all the rage last year, and copper-lined tumblers have continued to be a trending item that anyone can appreciate. Vacuum-insulated mugs keep liquids hot for a remarkable amount of time (keeping ice frozen for up to 48 hours!). Promotional vendors have certainly stepped up their game with additional shapes and sizing options to allow clients to customize colors and logo imprints on the outside for better personalization.

Work Lights/Flashlights

Many clients in the agriculture and construction industry aim to provide products that are useful instead of a lower budget “throwaway item.” You have put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about their daily habits. What would a pig farmer or corn grower want in their truck? Higher-end flashlights are multi-functional, durable and can be extremely useful. Now you can fill their days with light (subliminal messaging? totally).

Hitch Covers

Forget bumper stickers — heavy-duty hitch covers are the new, upgraded way to show off brand loyalty. You can never go wrong with a swag item that will be seen by many — these babies are like traveling billboards.

Phone ThongPhone Thong

Yes, you can give out thongs and keep your brand rated PG. These newfangled phone thongs hold credit and debit cards on your phone, but they look like… you know. Super practical and a fun conversation starter piece for whoever wants to show off your brand! These were a big hit at a recent trade show for National Pork Board.

Power Chargers

Low battery? That’s the worst. Be the hero with a branded power bank charger — they’re crazy customizable! Many companies now offer full-imprinting in four-color formats, in addition to custom molds so you can create just about any object. I don’t know about you, but I’d love an Iowa Corn power bank with me at all times.


Want to put your best foot forward (ha! sock joke.)? Customized socks are the way to go. During the cold winter months, your brand can live on your favorite customers’ feet! We love Strideline’s sock line — they can be fully-personalized with your logo and brand colors. Shoot, we might even get some for our office. #FlynnieFeet

Express Yo’self or Your Brand

We’re encouraging all brands to think outside the box with swag this year. It can make all the difference in the world, especially when your customers start actually using the items you give them. Mix it up and be creative — the options are endless! Need help with your 2017 swag strategy? We’ve got your back! Contact Lessing-Flynn today.