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How prone are you to digital privacy issues?

You may need to brush up on your digital knowledge basics. According to the Pew Research Center, many U.S. adults struggle with certain cybersecurity and privacy issues. But not everyone is in the dark. Two-thirds of U.S. adults are aware of phishing scams and the role of cookies in one’s browser — not the edible kind, unfortunately.

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Instagram removes likes to promote self-love

Where do you stand on Instagram removing visible likes? If you’re a brand or agency, you may have some concerns. Influencer marketing brought in big dollars in 2018 — we’re talking in the billions. And most of that money was allotted based on an expected number of likes per post. Non-influencers, however, have publicly praised the app for its attempts to preserve the mental health of its users. As 2020 inches closer, it may be time to brainstorm new ways to gauge the effectiveness of influencer marketing.

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The Americans With Disabilities Act has a new precedent 

The Supreme Court revisited the Americans With Disabilities Act this month, allowing blind people to rightfully sue retailers if they find websites to not be accessible by American Disability Association standards. The initial lawsuit was filed against Domino’s Pizza three years ago after a customer, who was blind, complained that they were unable to order a pizza because Domino’s website lacked the necessary software.

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New targeting tools make for merry marketing

Tis the season to be a digital marketer. Google announced that they will be implementing two new features to Google Search to help narrow target audiences. For starters, affinity audiences — audiences that have shown a particular interest in a certain topic — will be able to be layered on top of keywords, a relevant tool for year-round. And just in time for the holidays, Google will roll out seasonal event segments, which will help target consumer who have already begun researching for upcoming holidays.

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