TapClicks — an all-in-one marketing analytics platform — featured Lessing-Flynn in a case study about tracking, analyzing and acting on data in a way that helps us provide value to our clients. Here’s a sneak peek; you can read the full TapClicks case study here.

Marketing analytics problems:

Prior to TapClicks, we at Lessing-Flynn relied on Excel spreadsheets for our marketing analytics and reporting. Anyone who works regularly in Excel knows that formulas can break quite frequently. This leads to unnecessary errors and valuable productivity lost in your day. We would have to review data from multiple sources then manually enter each piece of information into a spreadsheet. This was extremely tedious and took away from analyzing the information to help find optimization strategies.

TapClicks solutions:

TapClicks created a custom dashboard that automatically pulls data from Google Analytics and a wide range of other sources. This eliminated the need to manually enter each piece of data into one spreadsheet. We’re also able to pull publisher media we purchase, trade show activity, and other traditional tactics into comprehensive client reports. Additionally, our clients can now log into the TapClicks dashboard on their own to review the data themselves. Data can be manipulated for specific date ranges to aid in client use for their own reporting needs.

“TapClicks has enabled us to be much more efficient with our time and resources and quickly reference results from past campaigns, which has helped us create smarter marketing strategies,” said Shannon Hughes, director of digital and media strategy at Lessing-Flynn. “We now no longer have to rely on spreadsheets for our reports, helping us spend less time on analytics each month and share data with our clients in a visual way.”

Stellar results:

TapClicks has expanded our capabilities to include vertical and overall benchmarking for our clients. This has instilled both assurance and validation in our approach, and translating into higher client confidence and retention. By reviewing data across clients within TapClicks, we’re able to gain valuable insights into the market, repurpose this data, and provide a competitive edge for our team.

If you’re interested in leveraging Lessing-Flynn’s marketing analytics dashboard, contact our team today to see how we can partner to get you the data your business deserves.