How we created an immersive mixed reality experience in a pig barn

Pork Checkoff
mixed reality videos
Oculus headsets loaded
online views in two months

Most consumers have never set foot in a pig barn and likely never will, due to biosecurity measures in place to protect pigs. And yet, consumers typically have varying opinions about pig barns and how they are operated. The Pork Checkoff helps to educate consumers about pork production and they wanted to show what happens in different types of pig barns. We worked with them to develop an immersive 360-degree mixed reality video experience that helped take viewers into a typical pig barn. They may never have stepped in a pig barn, but they could still experience it.

Additional services provided

  • Strategic planning
  • Virtual reality/360 video production
  • Copywriting and editing

Survey the landscape

Video was the obvious solution for showing what happens in pig barns, but traditional video would only show a fraction of the environment. This could have created skepticism that much was happening off screen. Nobody had ever created a 360-degree mixed reality video showing the inner workings of modern pig barns.

Sketch what success looks like

Showcase the experience at five live events in the first year and generate at least 10,000 views online.

Engineer the plan of attack

We scripted a series of videos and used on-screen talent to perform tours of three types of pig barns (farrowing, nursery and wean to finish), which were shot using 360-degree cameras. Then in post-production we layered in the graphics. Upon completion, the videos were posted online and uploaded into Oculus headsets for use at events.


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