How this equipment demo sweepstakes exceeded its lead goals by 40%

Ad campaign development
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For Vermeer, equipment demos by prospective customers lead to sales. Once a customer tries a piece of equipment, they’re usually sold. The challenge is getting customers to sign up for the demo and follow through with it. We helped sweeten the pot with a demo-focused sweepstakes that included upfront incentives, potential prizes and targeted digital and print campaign pieces. The combination was just too hard to ignore for customers who were already curious about the Vermeer mini skid steer line and the results speak for themselves.

Additional services provided

  • Custom landing page and signup form
  • Copywriting and design
  • Print and digital publish media
  • Paid search
  • Social media
  • Web, video  and social retargeting
  • eBlast
  • Video
  • In-store assets

Survey the landscape

An essential piece of feedback from Vermeer dealers shaped the Mini 500 Sweepstakes. Once a potential customer demoed a Vermeer mini skid steer, they were likely to follow through on the purchase. The challenge? Get people in the door to try the equipment.

Sketch what success looks like

Lessing-Flynn and Vermeer detailed three metrics to measure success. First, get customers to request demos. Second, get those who signed up to complete a demo. Finally, meet the unit sales goal.

Awards won

  • 2019 PRIME award for Consumer Marketing Products
  • 2019 PRIME award for Direct Mail
  • 2020 Best of NAMA Region III award for specialty advertising campaign

Engineer the plan of attack

Create a strong incentive for customers to demo a Vermeer mini skid steer. Encourage landscape and tree care business owners to visit their local dealership by offering a $50 reward for completing a demo. Reinforce the excitement by entering those who complete a demo into a drawing for an even larger prize — one of 25 $500 VISA® gift cards. Raise the stakes by entering those 25 winners into a drawing for the grand prize, a one-year professional membership and a trip to a conference in Los Cabos.

Build and deploy

We used engaging, customer-focused messaging, eye-catching graphics and a financial incentive to grab customer attention and drive demo appointments. Starting with a dollar sent on a direct mail piece, recipients knew there was more to come in the Mini 500 Sweepstakes.


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