The hay baler product launch that will go down in history

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When Vermeer introduced the large round hay baler in 1971, product awareness was all about live demos and word-of-mouth. These days, integrated marketing efforts let brands target their efforts a little more. Word travels much faster if you can earn a few headlines with a unique product launch — like the industry’s first self-propelled hay baler. In 2017, Lessing-Flynn planned and executed a comprehensive marketing and PR blitz to launch the ZR5-1200 self-propelled baler at Husker Harvest Days. The pre-show outreach, product launch party and supplemental multimedia content produced during the show left audiences and media outlets hungry to know more.

Additional services provided

  • Digital strategy
  • Social media management
  • Key messaging development
  • Media relations
  • Trade show marketing
  • Video scripting and storyboarding

For hay producers used to long days in a tractor cab baling hay, a self-propelled baler engineered for efficient baling and operator comfort was a big deal. With equipment in the prototype stage at the time, Lessing-Flynn was focused on building excitement for the concept and its eventual release to the market.

This campaign was designed to elevate the Vermeer brand and further reinforce the brand’s position as a leader of innovation in the forage industry.

Craft a comprehensive campaign to build hype and reach the Vermeer audience from all sides, culminating with the launch at Husker Harvest Days. Produce three videos to highlight the making of the ZR5-1200, show off how the innovative stacks up against traditional baling equipment and emphasize customer reactions. Support the launch through social media and media relations.

We brought the ZR5-1200 directly to Vermeer fans, premiering it at one of the most popular agriculture industry events in the country. After dropping the curtain, launching the prototype and showing off what this self-propelled baler could do, we followed up with digital and public relations efforts.


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