How a smart e-newsletter strategy increased equipment sales

Sage Oil Vac
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Do people still read emails? They do if you create interesting content and develop a smart strategy. That’s exactly what we did when we helped launch an e-newsletter for Sage Oil Vac, an industry-leading manufacturer of mobile lube equipment. And, while industry average for B2B email click-through rates hovers around 3% to 3.5%, Sage Oil Vac’s was 7.2%. Is that good? Well, it helped them sell three new pieces of equipment in just one send.

Additional services provided

  • Digital strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing

Survey the landscape

Sage Oil Vac had been creating a good deal of content for its blog and social channels. We identified an opportunity to amplify the reach of this content through email marketing.

Sketch what success looks like

Build an opt-in subscriber list leveraging existing email contacts and achieve an email click-through rate above industry average of 3% to 3.5%.

Engineer the plan of attack

Repurpose content from the Sage Oil Vac blog and package it into an email strategy designed to keep their customers and dealers informed on the latest news, products and equipment tips.

Build and deploy

The Sage Oil Vac Insights email is delivered monthly to their subscriber list, with links leading to articles that live on their website.


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