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There are online colleges and universities aplenty: University of Phoenix, Capella University, Western Governors University, etc. The problem? They’re not experts in healthcare. Students graduating from these institutions simply aren’t prepared for the challenges facing them once they enter the workforce — a major issue for many hospitals.

Mercy College of Health Sciences recognized this problem and launched Mercy College PLUS (MercyPlus)‚ an online college focused on healthcare and healthcare only.

Additional services provided

  • Key messaging development
  • Strategic planning
  • Content marketing
  • Media relations
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Online advertising
  • Media research, planning and buying
  • Social media advertising

Survey the landscape

This exciting program expansion required an impactful public relations launch to put the healthcare and higher education industries on notice.

Sketch what success looks like

Mercy College wanted to connect with other higher education leaders to increase industry awareness of its online extension of degree offerings — and to position quality online learning as a credible source for healthcare expertise.

Engineer the plan of attack

We vetted several publications, ultimately choosing The Chronicle of Higher Education to partner with for a Smart PR article on the unique MercyPLUS virtual learning offerings. Smart PR leverages earned media with sophisticated audience targeting and PR promotion tactics to amplify the reach of a story or piece of content.

Build and deploy

We interviewed the president of Mercy College at the time and developed a piece to place Mercy College at the forefront of quality online healthcare education.­­


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