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If your business is looking for a quick boost after a lull in sales, a strong lead generation strategy is the best way to set your sales team up for success. That’s why Lessing-Flynn designed the Jumpstart Plan — to send new opportunities your way — right away. Using simple, comprehensive, time-tested methods, we’ll develop an impactful digital lead generation campaign that’s rooted in strategy and executed with creativity to deliver the qualified leads your business needs. The rest is up to your sales team.

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Obtain immediate and long-term leads.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the Jumpstart Plan is not just for businesses with short sales cycles. It is also ideal for businesses with a long sales cycle, such as large equipment manufacturers or other high-priced products and services. Not only will jumpstarting your efforts now pay off in just a few months — it will also build brand awareness and grow your contact list over time.

Generate interest for greater engagement.

We know that customers may be hesitant about leaving their personal contact information with a business, so part of the Jumpstart Plan involves offering a discount, giveaway or exclusive content to make the decision easy for them. We’ll help you determine the right incentive for encouraging potential customers to connect with your business.

Lead the team with marketing.

The marketing/sales partnership is vital for ensuring a positive customer experience and ultimately closing the deal. The Jumpstart Plan can offer you a custom lead generation strategy for funneling potential customers to the sales team, and then supporting their efforts with quality marketing.

Jumpstart your business.

Ready for a new lead generation strategy? You can find all the information above and more in the Lessing-Flynn Jumpstart Plan Matrix, which details our 7-step process for generating leads. Fill out this form now to request your free copy, then contact us to have your lead generation campaign up and running — fast.

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