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Take a peek at your website analytics and you will likely see that search engines are your primary source of incoming traffic —and by a country-mile-wide margin. But do you even optimize? A little bit of search engine optimization can do wonders for your organic search traffic. Lessing-Flynn is here to help you answer the simple question of, “Why is SEO important for business?”

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“How can SEO help my business?”

We are NOT just an SEO firm…

Many SEO firms specialize in search engine optimization and are singularly focused on optimizing your website to improve local and national search engine rankings. Lessing-Flynn, is a full-service marketing agency that knows how to align SEO best practices with your full digital marketing strategy. It is our team’s goal to drive higher customer engagement and conversions by aligning your website’s SEO strategy with the overarching digital strategy. Make sure to check out other ways our team can help you in crafting a full digital marketing strategy such as paid media, branding, public relations, video and more!

How we do SEO at Lessing-Flynn

Lessing-Flynn takes a 360 approach to SEO. From day one we will treat your brand or e-commerce site as if it were our own. Here’s a high-level overview of the tactics and strategies our SEO strategists and specialists will implement for you as part of our monthly optimization packages:

Lessing-Flynn search engine optimization strategy and tactic chart

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