Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy is the Calm before the Storm

Marketing strategy. Strategic planning. Strategic strategery. Have your eyes glazed over yet? It’s ok. Buzzwords make us sleepy too. Hey, we’re all about bringing excitement and change to your brand through decisive action. But action without strategy is like a hotdog without a bun. No bueno.

Our team of creative, strategic thinkers is ready to strategize with you to determine goals, capitalize on opportunities and conquer markets.

Strategic Planning

We think of strategic planning as an opportunity to step back and see the big picture. A strategic plan is an outline to success. Brand. Market. Sales channel. Competition. Trends. Budget. We look at it all. It may sound overwhelming (we hear you!) but our team will provide the support to help you define what’s important.

Brand Development

Your brand isn’t just a logo and a tagline – it’s the personality and voice of your company. It’s what your customers think and feel when they feel and think about you. With more than 100 years in this biz, our brand development track record speaks for itself. Heck, we were doing branding so far back that it was still just considered a way to mark your cattle.

Market Research

How can you influence how people think and feel about you if you don’t know what people think and feel about you? Through market research we gain insights into the minds of your consumers and the techniques of your competitors. It’s kind of like gazing into a fortune teller’s crystal ball and using those mystic visions to determine successful marketing strategies.

Communications Planning

You have great news. So shout it from the rooftop! But which rooftop exactly? And in which direction? And in which tone of voice? Let’s carve out a communications strategy so you know just the right thing to say and how and where and when and why to say it. Oh, and to whom, too.

Competitive Analysis

You know you. But do you know them? The others. The competition. Do you know how and why they execute certain marketing strategies? A competitive analysis reveals the critical strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and helps you incorporate that knowledge into your strategic plan. This establishes the key differentiators that can give you a competitive advantage.

And that’s what Lessing-Flynn is here for!

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