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What is Smart PRTM and why do I need it?

Traditional PR will only take you so far. But a highly targeted approach that makes sure your content is directly in front of your target audience? Now that’s Smart PR. Read on to learn more about PR promotion.

Media consumption has changed.

Consider this. The average consumer has literally thousands of media options today, from TV, radio and magazines to podcasts, online video, social media and blogs. People are consuming more media — and more types of media — than ever before. Often at the same time.

  • U.S. consumers spend 12 hours, 9 minutes per day on media.1
  • 45% of people always or often watch TV while simultaneously using their phone.2
  • 92% of consumers say they trust earned media over purely promotional content.3

    The definition of public relations has changed.

    • Traditional PR involves pitching your company’s story to reporters and editors with whom you have a relationship. However, this earned media can have a short life span, and your target audience may miss it if they aren’t reading the magazine cover to cover, actively exploring the publication’s website or watching the nightly news broadcast.
    • Smart PR leverages earned media with sophisticated audience targeting and PR promotion tactics plus optimal timing and frequency which helps get your story in front of the exact audience you want to see it, all while maintaining the third-party authority traditional PR offers.

    smart pr content flow

    Smart PR meets your target audience where they are, leading to more consumption of your content. This ultimately increases your company’s:

    • Credibility
    • Industry authority
    • Brand awareness
    • Website traffic
    • SEO rankings
    • Audience engagement

    Lessing-Flynn specializes in Smart PR. 

    Our team of experts is uniquely positioned to mold a single piece of content into different formats for easy consumption. With help from our specialists in PR and media, copy and design, and video and photography, our account strategists can create a custom PR promotion that’s anything but one-size-fits-all.

    Your investment meets your needs and matches your content to your audience.

    We offer a comprehensive Smart PR package to make your life easier. And we’re happy to customize it to fit your budget and marketing goals.

    Start with Smart PR.

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