Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers

Iowa is home to a lot of farms. Like 88,637 to be exact. Watching out for each and every one of them is the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (or CSIF if you’re into acronyms). It’s the Coalition’s mission to help Iowa farmers raise livestock responsibly and successfully, particularly by helping them navigate the maze of government regulations and enhance neighbor relations. Like a good non-profit organization, the Coalition is there.


Our Role

A few years back the Coalition set out to count every farm in Iowa. An ambitious endeavor to be sure. The research project resulted in the uber comprehensive 2014 Iowa Ag Economic Contribution Analysis, which Lessing-Flynn helped make sense of through easy-to-digest infographics, social graphics and brochures.

Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers1

Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers2

Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers3

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