How a new literature piece helped generate record college enrollment

If you’re not familiar with college viewbooks, think of it as a brochure that lays out all the reasons why someone should enroll into the school. It’s considered part of the gold-standard in higher education marketing and is used for recruitment efforts at college fairs, high school visits, in direct mail and more. When Mercy College of Health Sciences rebranded in 2018, it was time to give their viewbook a fresh look to put their new, modern approach to healthcare education at the forefront. Rather than creating an overwhelming booklet that includes anything and everything about the College, we designed a streamlined version. Our strategic content outline and design layout incorporated a more relatable (and fun!) tone that helps Mercy College stand out to prospective students.



  • Brand development
  • Creative design
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Marketing literature


How a new literature piece helped generate record college enrollment1

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