The super duper campaign that convinced Iowans to buy E-15

For years, there was either Unleaded (E-0), Super Unleaded (E-10) or E-85 for flex fuel vehicles. That was until E-15 came along. Consumers needed to be educated and aware of this “new” fuel available to them at the pump. Our challenge was to create an attention-grabbing educational awareness campaign that showed all the benefits of E-15. This campaign needed to be in a format that would be ubiquitous across different social and traditional broadcast media channels with a specified target audience comprising general consumers ages 18 to 65. Strategically, we wanted the campaign to be lighthearted, informative and catchy. Since E-10 is more commonly referred to as “super unleaded” at the pump, we thought why not use this same thinking for E-15? Thus, the “super duper” unleaded campaign was born. We took this phrase and built out an animated video with a whimsical jingle that touches on the benefits of E-15 fuel and deployed it across different platforms — the Iowa Corn website, YouTube, social media accounts and traditional radio and digital ads.



  • AMA Iowa NOVAs – Public Relations
  • PRSA PRIME Awards – Best of Show
  • PRSA PRIME Awards – Multimedia Campaign


  • Strategic planning
  • Key messaging development
  • Media research, planning and buying
  • Video animation
  • Jingle songwriting



The super duper campaign that convinced Iowans to buy E-151


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