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Writing for social media and why each channel is different

Your social media followers called us — they’re tired of seeing your brand post the same image and word-for-word caption on every social platform. If you’re one of these social media offenders, don’t worry — you’re not alone, and we’re here to give you tips and tricks to fix it.

Case Study: National Pork Board’s #RealPigFarming Campaign

In the last decade, food production has come under attack from groups opposing animal agriculture. Recognizing this potentially volatile situation, the National Pork Board sought a way to educate consumers and dispel myths. See our solution.

Case Study: America Goes Ham

What if food could make the world a better place? It can. And the food to do it is ham. Lessing-Flynn partnered with the National Pork Board to launch Hams Across America, a charitable campaign that has Americans giving and

What to Do When Your Fans Stop Listening

Silent film star Charlie Chaplin would have totally loved the Facebook video era — nearly 85 percent of all videos on social media are viewed without sound