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The 5 flavors of award-winning content

In order to create award-winning content, brands must wield a versatile array of voice tones. See what Creative Director, Joe Winn, has to recommend.

Making Bank Iowa’s Brand Soar

When a brand is getting stale or outdated, we often rush to the solution of a complete rebrand. It sounds fun, right? New logo, fresh colors, renewed energy.   WHAT IT TAKES TO REBRAND For those of us who have


Most companies spend the bulk of their budget on travel expenses and display items. But, there are so many new cost-efficient tactics that can be employed to optimize your brand’s presence!

Case Study: Biofuels Mobile Education Trailer

Find out how Lessing-Flynn worked as a strategic partner with Golden Grain Energy and several other sponsors to create a Biofuels Mobile Education Trailer which now travels the state of Iowa educating the public about ethanol production.

Case Study: National Pork Board’s #RealPigFarming Campaign

In the last decade, food production has come under attack from groups opposing animal agriculture. Recognizing this potentially volatile situation, the National Pork Board sought a way to educate consumers and dispel myths. See our solution.

Case Study: E-15 is So “Super Duper”

Iowa Corn, the state association for our local corn production industry, needed a way to show the benefits of E-15. See how our “super duper” educational awareness campaign creatively exceeded expectations.